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This ensures that advertisers with limited budgets can still obtain great results.
AE is a mutual advertising program (NOT A PAID-TO-SURF).

Features Geotargeted Language Advertising since June 2011
250 Countries! 543 targeted languages!

Total Redemptions made so far in July: $600.00

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AE was launched on Australia Day, January 26th 2004

Maximum page views per day is 140. Random Page view timer between 10 and 30 seconds.
Maximum Number of sites in rotation for FREE Members is 2. For PAID Members it is from 5 to 30.

Version 2, Released 26 July 2019
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AdPack Members
$5 AdPacks
2% to 5% Bonus of your AdPack level
5% of your referrals AP purchases
1:1 >> 2:1 Progressive Surfing Credits
100 credits with each purchased AP
Apply AdPack Credits to your Advertising
AdPacks last 60 days
Compounds available each month
Redemptions available anytime
Free Classified Ads for AE members

Up to 30 Sites in Rotation
Depends on Ad Pack Level

From 1Dec14:
1 AdPack: 5 Sites
5 AdPacks: 6 Sites
10 AdPacks: 7 Sites
15 AdPacks: 8 Sites
20 AdPacks: 9 Sites
25 AdPacks: 10 Sites
50 AdPacks: 15 Sites
75 AdPacks: 20 Sites
100 AdPacks: 25 Sites
125 AdPacks: 30 Sites

From 1Jan15:
Must purchase 1 AdPack per month with PayPal for 21+ Sites in Rotation

Use AE Cash and AE Credits for special offer purchases**

** Coming 1H2014
Free Members
2% of your referrals' AP purchases
Compounds available each month
Redemptions available anytime
Free Classified Ads for AE members

2 Sites in Rotation

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